Saturday, 28 May 2011

Communication: written and online learning logs

Have been wondering for a while if I’m doing myself a dis-service having only a Learning Blog, in part sparked by the recent videos on WeAreOCA, and in part by some reflections on what the communication part of the course is about. This blog feels just right for writing up exercises, reflecting on feedback and capturing links to interesting websites. It is just about manageable for book reviews and exhibition reviews, where there is some online material to point at, but it feels wrong for just capturing completely random thoughts, brainstormed ideas for projects, magazine articles etc.

While reading through the student-only forums I’ve also happened upon these quotes from Jose Navarro, which seems to support my concerns.

Bear in mind that even though the learning log only weighs 20% of the final mark, it is a submission requirement and needs to conform to a model which contains:

  • coursework - projects and exercises
  • self-reflective comments, follow up work in response to your tutor's comments
  • additional learning and research materials - magazine articles, exhibition brochures, newspaper cuttings, etc...

1&2 are done in blog format, 3 as a traditional physical document folder.

and a second:

would suggest that you keep both an online blog and a physical learning log. You would then make the most of both `worlds´ and also maximise your chances to impress the assessors.

a) online blog - excellent solution for logging coursework and assignments. You can also update it easily and add personal self-reflective comments - a key component in any learning log - anytime, anywhere.

b) physical learning log - a folder with additional learning and research materials which would otherwise be tricky and time consuming to scan and incorporate in your logbook - it would be an unreasonable use of your study time as well.

So in my opinion it´s not a question of choosing between an online or a physical learning log but figuring out how to make the most of what each platform is suitable for.

So, out with that little notebook that came with the course material.

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