Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Exercise 19 – Single figure small

Rolling on with this exercise here are a couple I took with this theme directly in mind. First up a shot inside Earl’s Court during a travel show in February. We were among the last to leave so I caught my wife dwarfed by the surroundings:

Single figure small (ii)

And a second taken during the same visit inside the grounds of Somerset House. Technically not ‘single figure’, but the visual impact is not much altered by the fact that there are two people.

Single figure small (i)

In both case the shot would be rather dull without the human presence – in the first case a large, partially empty box and in the second a sea of grey stonework.

More recently we visited York for long weekend and as we were walking around the city walls I spotted this shot looking down at the railway station. I particularly liked the way the building cascades down in layers to the small figure at the bottom. For the record I’ve cloned no-one out of this shot the other people and vehicles moving around the station precinct were – for a few moments – hidden behind all the buildings or just out of shot. Sometimes you have to be a bit lucky.

York station


Have caused myself a certain amount of personal angst with the dawning realisation that many of my shots are a bit sterile because of my inclination to exclude people. There is obviously a case for shots without in some circumstances, but not including them at all removes a significant creative tool to give my photos a bit more life.

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