Tuesday, 26 July 2011

PnP Exercises 9 and 11– Cours de Saint Pierre, Geneva

After a trip round the cathedral I had 15 minutes to myself in the square, so I popped on my 50-200 and did a few shots of people going about their daily business.

This group of ‘tourist angels’ caught my eye with their bright T-shirts

Tourist Angels, Geneva

On the opposite side of the square, and for the duration of my stay, these two rather more sophisticated ladies were chatting the afternoon away.

Chatting in the Cour de Saint Pierre

It was a gorgeously sunny day and this young lady’s parasol caught my eye. I particularly liked the halo effect which seemed kind of appropriate outside a cathedral. This is one example where being closer in and using a wider angle lens would have allowed me to change perspective and provide more context to highlight that particular thought process.

Walking in the sun


I found this a very comfortable situation. There were other people with cameras, there were enough people around to act as subjects and using a long lens meant I didn’t have to invade anyone’s privacy.

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