Saturday, 27 August 2011

Public transport – more users viewpoints

The train shots in my first pass at this exercise got me thinking about public transport and the relatively similarity of the experience whatever mode of travel you are using. Switzerland is an excellent country to do public transport because there is so much of it – the next few shots were all taken in – or on our way to – Switzerland.

First shot is actually in the aircraft – I was stopped from taking photos by the stewardess after this shot ‘because of security’. Obviously a would-be terrorist would draw attention to themselves by visibly using a camera rather taking surreptitious shots with a phone, and would find the secret knowledge that aircraft have overhead storage lockers really valuable - ‘sigh’.

On board the plane

Next up bus and rail:

E7140665.jpgOn the train

I have a few more rail shots to add from various different rail lines. It is noticeable how much more open and airy Swiss trains are compared to their British equivalent.

A couple of more obscure examples – a cable car, which I’ve posted previously and the rapid transit system at the airport. Sadly I forgot to take a photo from the water taxis.


And, finally, a couple of more static shots from various places on route.

An escalator in Montreux – I took this one by resting the camera on the moving belt so it isn’t quite a user’s viewpoint

Escalator, Montreux

Arriving at the entrance to the railway station in Bern:

Bern, the railway station

The cable car station at Murren:

Cable Car Station

There are a couple more to come once I get access to my hard-drive, but for the moment this will do. One thing that strikes me about all these is the general similarities – industrial fabrics, stainless steel pipework and a general absence of decoration – which give an impression of people processing facilities rather than human transport infrastructure.

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