Sunday, 11 September 2011

Feedback for assignment 2 and thoughts on assignment 3

Well I got my feedback for Assignment 2, and by and large it was very positive. However it is fair to say that most of the comments were about technical aspects of the photography, such as the need to use Shutter Priority as a way to control movement blur, and my ability to handhold at low shutter speeds.

I have no beef with any of this – for example, SP is a tool I’ve never got to grips with – but I can’t help the suspicion that the reason the comments are about technical issues is that maybe I wasn’t terribly creative or imaginative in the assignment itself. This coincides with the assessment feedback I received for DPP and has been bothering me for a while.

The most successful assignment in DPP was the one where the photos were about something that meant something to me – i.e. the hotel room shots – the secret is channelling that into the photographs, interpreting the briefs less literally and trying to say something interesting.

I did hint at that in my assignment 2 submission, suggesting that the story behind the folk singers/dancers/flag-wavers might make an interesting project in it’s own right.

So – Assignment 3. At face value it’s about taking some photos which demonstrate the function of several buildings – easy enough – but what else to say. Perhaps some sense of how it feels to use the buildings for their intended purpose?

Apart from my own home the buildings I know best are hotels, so I’m going to start there. It’s probably a sad reflection of my life but motorway service stations are pretty familiar as well. And what do I feel when I’m in them – generally isolation or invisibility. Invisibility is easy with a bit of post-processing work so, taking my cue from Cindy Sherman and Latham’s Cyrus character, I’m going to develop the Invisible Man as an alter ego for this assignment. It seems likely though that in some cases using myself for the images is going to be a little tricky so there will probably be some invisible friends or family members helping me out

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