Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Hare With Amber Eyes – Edmund de Waal

Currently reading the above book, and although I haven’t got very far into it yet there are a couple of quotes I wanted to record which seem pertinent to photography – even if they don’t directly relate. If I come across any more I’ll be adding them to this post.

This first is fairly obvious:

“House-watching is an art. You have to develop a way of seeing how a building sits in its landscape or streetscape. You have to discover how much room it takes up in the world, how much of the world it displaces.”

The next is less obvious, but feels to me to have parallels with taking/making a photo:

“But the vitrine – as opposed to the museum’s case – is for opening. And that opening glass door and the moment of looking, then choosing, an then reaching in and then picking up is a moment of seduction, an encounter between a hand and an object that is electric.”

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