Wednesday, 7 September 2011

PnP Exercise 16: Exploring Function

This is the one exercise from this section I’ve yet to try – largely I think because I’m fairly spontaneous when it comes to photos and this one requires planning. Took a whole sheaf of photos while on holiday to illustrate this exercise but in truth most of them missed what, to me, seems like the point of the exercise – the pre-planning.

Happily there are a couple of exceptions – first up being this shot of Unspunnen Castle, near Interlaken.

Schloss Unspunnen, Interlaken

Although I know little about the formal history of this castle I had visited it before so knew what to expect. I also have some background knowledge on castles and their purpose.

This particular sample is situated on a hill overlooking the flat land around Interlaken – i.e. it is intended to dominate, provide a convenient military outlook post and by dint of its construction and site be hard to attack.

An ideal shot would show the strength of construction, emphasise its dominant position and give some idea of its separation from its surroundings. Initially I looked for an example of a crenulated wall, but there were none that offered an opportunity to demonstrate other aspects of the site – not least because there were some quite large trees around the site that were presumably not there when the castle was built.

This doorway seemed the best opportunity – it is clearly of very heavy construction and the view through the door is both far-reaching and indicates the elevated position. While there is relatively little context I think most people would recognise this as a castle – or a castle ruin.

Second example will be in my next post.

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