Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reflecting on Shiny Objects

Some time ago I took this shot for my photo-a-day blog and it’s intrigued me ever since. It appeals to my sense of humour – which is probably a bit self-indulgent given it’s a self portrait but I think that’s the joy of self portraits – I’m not attempting to portray someone I don’t really know, so there’s a bit of positive feedback to emphasise whatever part of my character I choose to display at that moment.
1000/628: 01 Nov 2011: Self portrait
Hadn’t really given the idea much more thought other than I kept returning to the photo until last night when I produced this shot in a CD – again for my photo-a-day blog.
1000/690: 02 Jan 2012: Self-portrait in a CD
So now I had the germ of a series, a little odd perhaps, but definitely a series in the making. Just to prove it, here’s the shot I took for today’s blog post.
1000/691: 03 Jan 2012: Self-portrait in a teapot
Not quite sure why these photos feel right yet. Might be the distortion, perhaps the simple pleasure of doing something a bit oddball or perhaps even the idea that I've hit on a series that says something about me (not sure what though). Whatever – I’m going to try a few more as the muse takes me and see if something other than simply reflection emerges from the series.

Edit 15 January:
Here's a slide show of the full series - I've done this continuously for a fortnight. Still not sure what it says about me but it's certainly an interesting challenge, and has received more interest on Flickr than anything I have previously posted.

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