Thursday, 8 March 2012

A small ‘Wooyay!’ for me

My tutor sent me his feedback for my resubmitted Assignment 3 today with the conclusion: “You have challenged yourself with this assignment and have successfully brought it to a close with convincing statements and well-composed photographs.” So – given the struggle I have had to complete the assignment I think I’ll permit myself a small cheer and a large sigh of relief.

I have no idea why I found it so hard – even allowing for my false start and determination to use the ‘invisible man’ theme. Think I’ll be putting him on the back burner for a social documentary project about the impacts of long-distance commuting or similar – depends what the course offers as options to some degree.

I’m going to try to complete the shooting for assignment 4 this weekend, and the shooting for assignment 5 is already in the bag so progress may at last be possible.


Eileen said...

Well done Nigel. I'm really glad it all worked out for you. I will keep my eye out for the invisible man's reappearance at some future point.

Nigel Monckton said...

Thanks Eileen. I learned a lot from this assignment, not least of which was that this is a degree course not a walk in the park.

Astbury Photography said...

That sounds like some really positive feedback so worth the effort to rethink and, as you say, you can always come back to your original concept at a future point. Many things that are worthwhile are also hard.