Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ted Forbes on Brassaï on Vimeo

Episode 65 :: Brassaï on Vimeo:

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A useful if brief insight into the night photography of Brassai. Some useful historical perspective, explaining that this sort of photography was something of a novelty in its time, and that the slow emulsions on the glass plates used in the camera provided some serious technical challenge. Had to chuckle when Mr Forbes mentioned that the photos were 'not perfect' and mentioned their graininess - for me that is part of the attraction.

As one of the tutors has pointed out on the Flickr group, in response to the photo here,  there are some interesting similarities between Brassai and the stuff I'm currently doing.

1000/738: 27 Feb 2012: Co-op Car Park

I'm clearly not Brassai and Maryport isn't Paris, but if I can achieve a similar sense of place and people I shall feel reasonably satisfied.

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