Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Northumberland weekend – part (ii)

Just a couple more shots from the weekend which seemed to draw on individual aspects of the course material. First up is ‘a comfortable situation’. Alnwick Castle has some magnificent gardens – chock full of people doing touristy things  - like taking photos – so a little bit of candid photography was easy. In this first one I was taken by the match between the colours of the flowers and the lady’s cagoule.

Colour co-ordinated

In the second I was drawn by the fairly striking architecture of the tea-room, but felt it was a bit sterile without people (figures as accent) so I tried this angle which aims to capture both the architecture, its scale and, to a lesser degree, its function.

Alnwick Castle Tea-room

To finish with - pictures of my wife, my daughter and myself drawing on various aspects of ‘people unaware’. First up my daughter:

Looking down

Then my wife. The location is a tent and the light source is three candles on a tray.

Reading by candle-light

Finally, me, in a fish and chip restaurant. And for the record after my last post – this shot was definitely fun.

Fish and chip restaurant

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