Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Church Car Park

I'm quite intrigued by low viewpoints and the panoramic format - somehow it seems to provide a different view on the world - in this instance almost voyeuristic, or perhaps as a spy. This set was taken by simply placing the camera on the floor by my rear car wheel - a technique which raised a few eyebrows among the congregation as they were leaving. The mist to the right of the shots is simply the exhaust from the car. I tried to balance the shutter speed to allow blur on the lights of the moving cars, while not causing the pedestrians to blur to invisibility. I think the conversion to high contrast black and white adds a sense of drama to the scene - I had this treatment in mind when I took the shots - it certainly does not look like church car park after the annual carol service. The anonymity of the figures adds to this sense - perhaps even becoming threatening.

Of the three shots I think that the first below is perhaps the most dramatic but that the latter two have perhaps more of a sense of narrative because of the increasing visibility of the people in the shot.

1000/675: 18 Dec 2011: The Church Carpark - believe it or not

Church Carpark (ii)

Church Carpark (iii)

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