Saturday, 31 December 2011

Naomi's Prom

Took these of my daughter in her prom dress in the middle of the year. I had intended to add them to the blog - but I clearly forgot. better late than never I guess.

They were all taken using a ring flash, which I was trying out as a light source - and because it gave the shots a bit of a 'fashion' feel which I thought would appeal to my youngest (I was right)

Could perhaps have used a bit more separation from the subject and a slightly longer lens for some of the shots, but there are a limited number of places I can shoot these types of shot indoors. Similarly I think a full height backdrop would have been a handy thing to have to lose the skirting boards in one of the shots.

My favourite shot is the first - with the deeper coloured background and the vignetting - which used a Lightroom pre-set called 'PH in the City' which I downloaded from somewhere. The shots follow the suggestion of my tutor to keep one of the eyes on the centre line – which was a rule I’d not encountered before but does seem to create a pleasing balance to a portrait.

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