Saturday, 14 April 2012


Not sure if this belongs here or in Landscape 2, but this is my current blog so it's here for the moment.

for those who've never been Whinlatter is a large Forestry Commission area, full of very tall and very straight pine trees, and with a lot of nicely laid out and signposted walks.

I was about half way round one of thee walks when the 'verticality' of everything around me finally made contact with the old grey matter. So that's what I tried to capture in this shot.

The original colour version was a bit too plain for it to be really obvious so I emphasised the verticals with this high contrast B/W treatment. Am tempted to try a vertical panorama treatment at some point to emphasise the effect even more - the trees were certainly tall enough to take it.

Have been reading a series of conversations with David Hockney, which features his Bigger Trees series. Think that may have had some influence on my approach to this.

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