Friday, 13 April 2012

Assignment 5 in the post (well – Dropbox actually)

A fairly rapid turn-around for assignment 5 as I shot it in parallel with assignment 4 – a corporate event waits for no man. Final submission consists of twelve shots taken from the shoot but following the brief I have also used the results of the shoot to produce designs for 6-page and 8-page sample brochures to accompany the submission. If you’re an OCA student, and sufficiently interested you can see them in my folders on the student site. The overall submission is here.
Assignment 5.3
I would have to observe that shooting an event as the primary (only) photographer is quite hair-raising, although once I got into it it became quite enjoyable. There were a couple of ‘suck-through-the-teeth’ moments – once when one of the video techs moved my camera bag and my standard zoom went bouncing across the floor (I zipped the bag after that) and once when my flash jammed onto my camera. Apart from that, as I said, after the nerves subsided it went quite smoothly.
I came away with around 2-300 usable shots, which included a decent range of portraits, stage event shots, audience shots and presentation/award shots. Some of these are now gracing the Company intranet and newsletter – although I have to be bit careful here as they are both my ultimate responsibility and I don’t want to appear to be hogging them.
Anyway, with this submission under my belt I’ve just about finished the course. I have a few book reviews to write up, and I need to catch up on a couple of photographers blogs that I’ve been planning to write about. Then, assuming my tutor is happy with this assignment, it’s time to think about assessment and signing up for Landscape 2.

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