Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Assignment 5 feedback

Just realised I have not posted anything in response to this.

In summary my tutor said:

In this assignment, you have shown you can adapt your technique to suit the occasion. Mixed lighting is always a challenge and you have approached this task very sensibly by careful planning, the choice of equipment, the best angle of view to adopt and the types of shots to record to fulfil the brief given.

I believe you have approached and fulfilled the assignment given in a competent manner and provided your client with some telling and expressive images that are strong in colour and content.

This is obviously a pleasing result for me, especially coupled with the feedback from Assignment 4 which suggests I’ve learned the lessons from Assignment 3. I put a lot of additional effort into preparing the submission for this, and the previous two assignments. This is perhaps a key learning point for me through this course – I need to explain what I am doing and why. Ultimately the end result must speak for itself, but I need to be able to demonstrate that it was not achieved by luck, and that the course is having some impact on the way in which I am developing – indeed that I am actually developing.

My tutor did have some reservations about the draft design of the brochures. I am comfortable with this – I will be submitting them to support the assignment, rather than as the outcome. The primary submission will be the dozen shots that I sent to my tutor.

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