Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Village Hall

My last week has been absorbed with stage crewing for a production of Cinderella at the local community centre/village hall. Under other circumstances I guess it might have provided lots of opportunities for theatre photography, but if you’ve never done it stage crewing requires a bit of concentration so I didn’t really want the distraction. HOWEVER – I did take my camera along to the dress rehearsal and just before kick-off I took this shot.


I was trying to catch something of the sense of anticipation – which hopefully I’ve achieved. Why post it here? Because for me it exemplifies some of the things that I have taken from this (and the previous) course. I’ve chosen the view point and crop deliberately to emphasise the importance of the stage, in a way that I don’t believe I would have done before – and I’ve included a person. Even if I had chosen to do this shot previously, prior to this course I would have asked the guy on stage to move – or waited for him to step out of shot. I considered this time, but then decided to leave him in because without a person the shot is just empty. As it is I think it raises a number of questions about what is actually happening. What is he doing? Why are all the seats empty?

To me this feels like a step in the right direction.

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